Jennifer Grayeb

UTM Tracking

February 2021

Tag Your Traffic with UTM Tracking

 Jennifer will teach you the power of data and how to use it to increase profit in your business. No more guessing where those leads and sales came from!  With all of the iOS changes coming and the effects it will have on Facebook ads, she will take you through the basics of UTM codes and how you can use them to track ad results more accurately and make data-driven and profit-generating decisions.

Resources Mentioned in this Training

Tag Your Traffic training with UTM Spreadsheet

About Jennifer

Jennifer Grayeb is the CEO of The Nimble Co., a consulting group focused on helping online business owners better understand their numbers so they can make data-driven and profit-generating marketing decisions.  She recently left her senior strategy role at a Fortune 5 company where she had 6 roles in just 7 years. While in that role, in just 2 years she built a productivity blog that reached over 2 million pageviews per year, which she went on to sell.  In every role she’s had or every company she’s owned, one thing has been consistent: she delivers results without working 80 hour weeks. Now she helps others do the same with one of her best-kept secrets – data.

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