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Instant Credibility – Video Magic

March 2021

Instant Credibility - Video Magic™

In this training, I’m pulling the curtain back on the method I use to land 4 and 5-figure sales with ease using video (with no editing required!). My method revolves around using OBS to achieve Instant Credibility (like thru the roof . . . VERY high-impact) on ANY video you do (recorded, streamed AND on Zoom). This works for broadcast (1-to-many) type videos (VSL, promo videos, FB lives, etc.), and equally as well on 1-to-1 video calls (using platforms like Zoom). By the end of this training you’ll be equipped to setup and use video (the easy way!) as your new secret weapon to skyrocket your impact and income to record heights in record time.

*This is an exclusive training that Travis did for his clients. He was gracious enough to share it with the Powerplayers Club.

Resources Mentioned in this Training

About Travis

Travis Petty has been filming nationally-broadcast TV content and video marketing since 1998. He filmed projects with Steven Tyler, Eric Clapton, Justin Bieber, The Jonas Brothers, Troy Aikman, Dion Sanders, Chad Prather… and many more. His Videos have gone viral (Top one has over 1.6 million views online). His footage has aired on Showtime, A&E, History Channel, Travel Channel, HGTV and NBC.

Travis created the Video Made Easy™ brand in 2020 (just before Corona!) to enable Entrepreneurs of Faith to achieve the level of impact and income they desire by leveraging the power of self-shot/DIY video (the Video Made Easy™ way!).


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